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first film ever on the crypto currency market, volume 1 coming soon.
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He inherited a small Bungalow in New York City. He is not the sharpest guy in the world but his $500,000 in cash makes him a great target for someone to use him. At 70 he has lost his drive, so he is a couch potato who has a cute lil Pug as his best friend. He gets hookers for fun and owns a collection of guns to ward off street punks that surround him. But after one bad trade his whole life changed.


LADERA RANCH’S finest. He earned every penny he ever made and is damn proud of it. At 45, he has found love in all the wrong places and because of that he has decided to change for the better and stay busy working hard to kill time. His prior success as a Pro Skateboarding Champ, a bonafide recreational Surfer and having a diverse business mind have catapulted him into a comfortable life. But living on the edge has taught him to keep grinding. The Crypto Currency Trend is his new conquest. However learning the market has now become a two sided monster. Because his love for his new Church and God are prompting him to give it all up and serve the Lord Full Time, FLIP is now on the verge of conflict and total chaos and this new little craze can take a bite out of you at any given moment or be the equivalent of winning the lotto. Having the IRISH in him is his secret weapon and he is very clever.


He is not your typical kid. At 20 he has already graduated from Stanford University and surpassed what 99% of his peers have done in life. His Father is a Film Producer and Mother is a TOP Actress. Being an only child has made him extremely spoiled. But he drives a Lambo he earned by becoming a WHALE in the CRYPTO world thanks to his father’s influence. Keith has one problem however. He’s just too damned good looking and has a few nerds he picks on who do not like him. To say he has it all is an understatement, but will his ego and being too cool for the not so perfect crowd kill his future?


She is a very artistic and beautiful woman who at 40 has the world by the tail in Beverly Hills. She’s gritty, she can sing and dance and con and love like no other. She has a great heart and her Boy Toy is about to get the greatest gift of all unbeknownst to him. Tracy like RAPPER 50 CENT, was given Crypto Coins that were valued at less than $200,000 years ago that now have risen to $2 million by her ex boyfriend who passed away. Living in the fast lane has taken it’s toll however and her new lavish lifestyle rivals the likes of Paris Hilton a personal friend.


MONEY MADE ME DO IT! Is the theme of this very REAL and DANGEROUS GAME.

Based on true events, our story chronicles the lives of these four people who all share a common bond. The love of the dollar and how far they will go to get what they want at any cost.

STORY BY: Daniel J. Gillin and Todd Phillips
WRITTEN BY: Daniel J. Gillin
DIRECTED BY: Daniel J. Gillin


PHONE: Daniel Gillen - 1-949-662-8876

PHONE: Todd Phillips - 1-949-412-0403